About Us

Our company is about providing the latest in Computing including laptops,desktops gaming systems and accessories.

We work with some of the top suppliers to bring you the best options at the most reasonable prices. 

We also offer an opportunity for the inquisitive to have the components necessary to either build their own computer or enhance the one they have. 

I myself fell in love with the Wonders and capabilities of computers to the point that I learned how to build desktops from the component stage up.

I took great pleasure in working with my hands learning the basic computer language of mnemonics and being able to incorporate the software into the hardware to bring computers home to my family.

So I personally introduced computers to my family at the ripe ages of 2 months old to teenagers and young adults. For the inquisitive mind out there I would like to offer the same opportunity.

Family Owned & Operated

Real People, Real Service

Expert Support & Care

Free Returns

“What ever your passion is I'm sure we can meet your need.”


Crystal Davis Williams, CEO of CTK

1235 Divi St. San Francisco, CA 92351

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