XPPen Deco L/ LW Graphic Digital Tablet Drawing Pen Tablet Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 Tilt Supported Battery-free 8192 Levels


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Deco LW

A New Generation of Pen Tablet
More than Smart!

New features

The stylus flows faster than your inspiration.
Faster response.

No spring part. Anti-interference. Steady performance.
Double life span. Digital signal transmission.

More precise positioning. Never miss a single brushstroke.
Virtually no accuracy error. No broken lines. No lag.

Capture your originality anytime

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 60° tilt function, you can easily shape subtle lines, crafting your unique masterpieces. Thanks to the elimination of wear-prone spring parts, the upgraded internal structure prevents the nib from moving unnecessarily and doubles the lifespan of the stylus.

8 efficient shortcut keys

8 shortcut keys that can be customized to suit the various shortcut combinations needed, thus replacing a computer keyboard.
An assortment of tactile bumps on the keys lets you identify the correct shortcut quickly, even in a dim environment, helping you to speed up your workflow.

Over 10 hours of cable-free creativity

Equipped with a Bluetooth v5.0 chip, the Deco LW pen tablet frees you to create without limitation. More than 10 hours on a large-capacity lithium battery (1000mAh/3.7V) that keeps the power going throughout your day.

4 vibrant colors

We have painstakingly selected four vibrant colors for the tablet frame. They are warm and eye-catching with an abundance of playful energy. Your boundless artistic expression deserves colorful companions such as these.


Full 360°, all-round protection

A two-shot molding process was adopted to construct the pen tablet. The rubber material around the edges, combined with a wear-resistant and shockproof design, provides all-around protection against accidental damage.

Impressive compatibility

The Deco L and Deco LW Pen Tablet support Windows, Mac, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux systems.

3 connection methods

USB-C cable, Wireless Buletooth, Android Device Support.

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DECO L-Black, DECO L-Blue, DECO L-Green, DECO L-Pink, DECO LW-Black, DECO LW-Green, DECO LW-Pink, DECO LW-Blue

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