YVR 2 High-end VR Glasses All-in-one 3D Glasses

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YVR 2 High-end VR Glasses All-in-one Pancake Ultra-short Focus Game Body Sense 3D Glasses Movie Virtual Reality Smart Metaverse

Main Feature

1. Snapdragon XR2 octa-core processor, 8G+128G memory 7nm process, 1.2GB/s data transfer, make your games faster and more refreshing

2.Wifi-6, faster network speed, higher width, lower latency, more stable connection

2.42mm ultra-portable body: Compared with the traditional Fresnel optical VR all-in-one machine, it is more than 28% thinner, and the optical-mechanical thickness is only 20m

3.350g ultra-light headset, adjustable knob, detachable mask, easy to clean and more comfortable to wear

4. Fashion appearance, craftsmanship: Inspired by aviator sunglasses, fashion-forward and silky feel

5.Fast display: Fast LCD display x2, the dual-screen picture is more three-dimensional and more realistic 95°FOV

6. Long battery life, 2.5h 5300mAh helmet, 600mAh green rechargeable handle, 65W multi-port fast charge

7. There is no need to adjust the interpupillary distance, the large eye bo can meet the needs of people with an interpupillary distance of 58-70mm, and the field of vision is still clear

8.4K HD picture quality, 1058PPI, designed for gaming and excellent viewing

9. Accurate tracking, using four-camera precise spatial positioning, easy control, support for multi-map memory function

10. Dual 6Dof infrared optical handles: 270°*210° in the hand space area, achieving millimeter-level precise positioning and more accurate positioning

11. Built-in genuine game application store, no PC streaming required. Shooting, sports, puzzle, decryption, audio games and other types, 15 games are free to play

12. YVR assistant, wireless screen projection at any time, sync with wireless files, share VR game fun with your family at any time

13. One-click streaming interconnection: Easily play games with others via wireless network

Package list

1.VR glasses*1

2. Handle*2

3. Head display data charging cable*1

4. Dual handle charging cable*1

5. Charger*1

6. Manual*1

7. Lens cleaning cloth*1

Hi YVR2! Metaverse Social

Avant-garde aesthetics, global clarity

Fast-LCD display*2

Dual screens are more in line with the human visual system

The picture is more three-dimensional and more realistic

4K HD quality

Immersive, immersed in the parallel world of the metaverse

90Hz refresh rate

The picture is clearer and smoother, and you can play without dizziness

Accurate tracking, smooth play

Self-developed tracking algorithm

Multi-map memory function


Double 6DOF

Infrared optical handle, Space field: 270*210°

Self-developed hand 6DoF algorithm, positioning real-time tracking range is wider and more accurate

One-click streaming, easy interconnection

Play 6000+ games on steam VR

Through the wireless network, you can simply complete the connection with the computer, and the new PC VR assistant has all functions.

YVR cinema

Giant-screen viewing experience, free to switch scenes



Snapdragon XR2 chip

Octa-core processor, 7nm flagship manufacturing process, 1.2GB/s data transfer, stronger performance and lower power consumption


High-quality components


High speed transmission

Faster internet speed, lower latency and more stable connection

Adjustable knob for easy adjustment of head circumference

Detachable magnetic mask

Skin-friendly material, easy to clean

Multi-port fast charging

5300mh 2.5hours headset, 600mh 60hours handle

65W super power, charging faster and safer

Additional information

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Mainland China

Glasses Type

Video Glasses

Virtual Screen Size

< 50




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