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1. Why are there traces of use on the golden finger?

Reply: when the graphics card is produced in the factory, the function test will be carried out at multiple test stations, and the quality inspection department will also carry out sampling test. The gold fingers of the graphics card will have different degrees of plugging traces, which is a normal phenomenon

2. Why use DVI to VGA, and the display has no signal?

Reply: at present, all DVI interfaces of the video cards on sale do not contain analog signals and cannot be transferred through a general adapter. It is recommended to use HDMI compatible to VGA if there is a need for VGA.

3. Why can’t my 32-bit system work normally after installing the driver?

Reply: the graphics cards currently on sale do not support 32-bit reinstallation system. Please replace the 64 bit operating system and install the latest driver of the graphics card brand official website, NVIDIA or AMD official website.

4. What should I pay attention to when installing the driver of the newly purchased graphics card?

Reply: please download the latest graphics card driver installation on the graphics card brand official website, NVIDIA or AMD official website. During installation, be sure to check restore factory settings.

5. Can I refresh the BIOS of the graphics card when I buy a graphics card?

Reply: customers can swipe into the BIOS provided by the official website of the graphics card brand by themselves, which can be guaranteed normally. BIOS downloaded from non official website does not enjoy warranty service.

6. Do you need to tear the film before the new graphics card is put on the machine?

Answer: please be sure to tear off the film before the graphics card is installed, otherwise it may affect the heat dissipation of the graphics card.

7. Why does my graphics card make a Zizi sound when playing games?

Answer: This is a normal phenomenon when the graphics card works under high load, not a fault problem. Please rest assured to use it.

8. Can graphics card mine?

Reply: the graphics card is only guaranteed to be used under normal use, and mining belongs to abnormal use. The fitness between the graphics card and the mining card is not guaranteed. The mining card will highly lose the service life of the graphics card, and the mining card cannot enjoy the warranty service

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